A Closer Look at Town & Sea’s Baccarat Lighting Collection

Every once in a while, I’ll find myself deep in thought, thinking about how something refined and evolved became what it is today. Do you ever do this? Like diamonds, cashmere, fine leather…I think you know what I mean! And as I sit here, pen to paper, researching the Zenith Baccarat, I wonder about chandeliers. 

A mainstay that is now so important to the home: functional, decorative, mood setting, defining, and yet I have no idea how the chandelier became THE chandelier. Now, I went down the rabbit hole and learned all about this, and I could absolutely regurgitate those details for you, but instead, I trust you’ll do that research…if it interests you, that is. 

However, the one detail I do want to share with you is this: When chandeliers entered the world, in many instances, they were strictly ornamental, offering no artificial light at all.

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Their shine and luminosity came only from the glass and metal they were made from. Immediately, I thought, Baccarat – You understood the importance of a chandelier! Not only did you make sure it’s now modern-day use of providing light through electricity functions (obviously), but you stayed true to it’s innate ability to dazzle, be luminous, and illuminate through it’s design alone—the art of refraction. 

Photo Credit: Arch Digest, Design by Ferris Rafauli

Baccarat describes this chandelier as sculptural splendor. While I agree, I think they are being bashful —resourceful, rooted, crafted, passionate, majestic, prismatic, enthralling, masterpiece. 

A work of art. Unlike anything out there. Attention to detail. Timeless luxury. Created BY HAND by the best of the best in France, where the passion for illumination started. Baccarat, you have monopolized reflection, prisms, sparkles, crystals. 

Okay, that was a lot, I know. But Baccarat…you needed to hear this. Consider it our Ode! 

Now, why do YOU need to hear this? Well, sometimes, an appreciation for art needs a little encouragement from a friend. And this art can be yours. It’s beauty can radiate in your home for years to come.

Setting the scene for your shared moments around the dining table or the many entries into your home by those you love. A chandelier is there for it all. Hanging from the ceiling, shining bright, always certain, never a sound made, the unifying piece in the home that truly creates the ambiance you need. 

This beautiful space, shown in Architectural Digest in 2020, is the dining room of Drake the Rapper’s beautifully appointed Manor House in Toronto; dare we say the Baccarat Chandelier is the superstar of this room?

Photo Credit: Eric Laignel/Baccarat Hotel New York

One of my favorite elements of design is the red octagonal crystal hung discreetly. As noted on its site, Baccarat was “the first glassworks in France to create colored crystal in 1839. They remain today a leader in this art, particularly for the invention of the famous gold ruby red…and starting in 1997, all chandeliers featured a red crystal pampille.” There’s something unquestionably unique about this red crystal. As the chandelier is not discreet at all; in fact, it’s the most luxurious, impressive, and opulent lighting fixture you could ever bring into your home. 

So why be discreet, red crystal? Here’s my take. While this Baccarat beauty exudes elegance and luxury, it is not distasteful. Back to where we began, Baccarat gets it right. It’s about its raw, unfiltered, truly reflective, and refractive light. Like raw beauty – distinct, unaltered, untouched – luxury hidden from plain sight. Tasteful.

If you agree, please check out our Reserve page for some beautiful Baccarat lighting we are currently consigning.

Thank you for joining me for this trip through the light fantastic!


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