The auction, antique, and vintage deal hunter behind @NotAllBeige and the homeowner of Town & Sea’s newest collection, The Collected Cottage. 

We are so excited to be hosting this beautiful “Collected Cottage” collection on Town & Sea. Your style is impeccable, and it’s truly an honor! What do you love about Town & Sea’s online marketplace for estate sales? And why choose Town & Sea to host your sale versus a traditional estate sale or tag sale?

I love that Town & Sea is highly curated, making it easy to find pre-owned, vintage, and antique items that are stylish and beautiful. As we enter times when home decor waste is at an all-time high, being thoughtful about repurposing and reusing pieces is so important, and Town & Sea makes it so easy to do that. The way the site is tastefully built and curated makes going this route a no-brainer as opposed to a traditional estate sale company. And Betsy and Anna are the best!

Tell us about your home in Amagansett, how you fell in love with it, and how it came to be what it is today?

We fell in love with this home over ten years ago, and immediately it was the old details that we fell for; the large stone fireplace, wide plank floors, cathedral ceiling, and arched kitchen with beams. These are details you just don’t find anymore. Maintaining and building this home has been a fun labor of love over the years.

What is one of your favorite pieces from your Amagansett home that you’re most excited to see sold and possibly shared in its new home? #TownandSeaWins

The Vintage Chest of Drawers on Casters (Lot #38) was from my grandmother’s house. We don’t know the exact age of it, but furniture from decades ago was just made with so much more thought and detail. I changed the knobs on the chest a few years ago to brass knobs that I thought updated the chest a bit. I’m excited to see this piece passed on to the next home!

Overall, how would you describe your style? Has it evolved? Is your decor style different in your NYC home?

Cozy, warm, comfortable. I’m forever evolving my decor style. I’d say my NYC apartment has a similar feel, lots of lamp lighting, antiques, and a cozy feel. My mom has always said, “It takes time to build a home,” and it’s something I’ve come to truly believe. Isn’t the process the most fun anyway!?

How did your love for the “hunt” transform into Not All Beige? What’s your favorite part about sharing your finds? Why do you prefer shopping at auctions and consignment versus mainstream decor brands?

I’m always browsing! If I had a garage or storage space, I’d be in trouble! So I love being able to share the good stuff, hoping that someone else buys. I still shop some of the mainstream brands for specific pieces, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt. Finding a truly special piece at a great price is the best feeling, but also, being able to repurpose and reuse it is the cherry on top.

When shopping online auctions, do you have any tips for first-time bidders? Was there anything that “got away” that you regret missing out on?

Always check dimensions for any place the piece will be traveling; your car trunk, your elevator or stairwell, your doorway, the space. And then check them again! Also, ask for a weight estimate; this is helpful in knowing how you need to transport an item. I’ve missed out on so many amazing pieces over the years, but I’m a firm believer that if something got away, it was meant to be, and there will always be something else out there.

What were your thoughts on the WSJ article “Fast fashion for furniture?” 

As the article mentioned, we are at an all-time high for home decor waste. No one is perfect, and no one is 100% sustainable in everything they do or buy. However, being more thoughtful about how we buy furniture and, in turn, how we waste furniture is a movement in the right direction. Companies often cut corners and don’t use the best materials or practices in constructing furniture that we have to live with, so educating people to be more aware of that is important. We should be reading where and how our pieces are made in the detailed descriptions. Older pieces were constructed differently and, therefore, tend to age better; all it takes is a little creativity to reimagine how an older piece can be updated for a modern aesthetic.

Lastly, can you share a fun story from sourcing or selling your personal items? Have you met new friends along the way? Or have you heard from buyers of their shared love for the piece? We love what you do, and by selling pieces from the “Collected Cottage”, the item’s story carries on, and sharing these stories with customers creates a deeper connection and appreciation. Thank you for trusting in Town & Sea!

There is truly a special breed of people who love the hunt, just like myself, and I feel lucky to have found my people! Instagram can sometimes get a bad rap, but it has introduced me to people who appreciate design, antiques, vintage, the character, the flaws, the process, the hunt, and the love of it all!

Thank you so much, Molly!
~ Lacey

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