An olive jar may be a concept that is new to you. What is it? Why do I need this? What will I use this for? So let me start by asking you this question.

What attracts you to an object?

For most, looking at a catalog and buying the whole vignette is exactly what works for you and your home. You were attracted to the page and you made it yours. It will look beautiful, of course, but what is the story?

Here is where an Olive Jar – an antique – comes into play. We all know the design saying “mix old with new”.  This will create a unique and inviting space that no one else has. Something that can tell a story.

So my next question is, do you want to tell a story, and bring history into your home? If you’re like me, you do, and the appreciation for this olive jar will grow more and more as it patinas and lives on for another 100 years with your family. 

Photo Credit: Olive Ateliers

This object, in particular, has lived for over 100 years. 180 to be exact. Hand produced in Italy, this terracotta olive jar was commissioned for a family and kiln fired with intricate engravings that detail its soul: A festoon, rosettes, goddesses, the Virgin Mary, and soldiers. Details not commonly found on one olive jar alone, making it a rare find. Not only did it serve a purpose, previously used to store olive oil, it also became an heirloom, passed on through generations to bring joy to a family’s home. 

What attracts me to an object is its character, its patina, its flaws; its history. The ability to share with others, its life well lived. Time gives an object a unique story and what better way to invite guests into conversation. Did you know that the olive tree is a symbol for peace, tranquility and abundance?

Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian via Jenni Kayne

I encourage you to find peace and abundant joy sharing this antique for years. Maybe it lives in your garden, on your front stoop as you welcome guests into your home, or you turn it into a tranquil fountain vessel. Place it inside with beautiful foliage, in any room. The possibilities are endless, and they are yours.

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~ Lacey