Photo Courtesy of Julia Amory via Veranda

From Rose Medallion to Majolica to Antique Books with history outside of the pages, the pieces in this collection all have a story to tell!

Being a collector is not what you think. Don’t worry; every shelf doesn’t have to be filled to the brim, and your house will not become a hoarder’s mess. Collecting can be as simple as charms on a charm bracelet, your son’s baseball and Pokemon cards thrown in a drawer, coins, and stamps in a book, or it can be as grand as a vintage car collection. Regardless of what specific items they collect, collectors share a passion and enthusiasm, desire to grow their collection, knowledge, appreciation, nostalgia, investment, and the thrill of the hunt. Simply put, collecting can become a fun hobby, and what better place to bring joy than in your home? 

Our latest collection is a Rose Medallion lover, a Majolica master, and a book connoisseur’s dream come true. It also can be a very happy start to a new passion for those who gravitate to their beauty alone. In fact, I stumbled upon a set of Majolica plates at a local antique store, knowing nothing about Majolica, falling in love with the pattern and colors alone, and so began my collection. A vine of plates I look forward to ‘growing’ up the wall.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Lev Antique and Allison Gremillion Interior Design Studio

Here are some tips for starting a collection for your home:

Choose a Focus: Majolica, Rose Medallion, and Antique Books are the perfect additions to your walls and shelves and are ideal for passing on from generation to generation.

Start Small: A collection always starts with one piece, and as your knowledge and passion grow, you can gradually invest in rarer or more valuable items. 

Be Patient: Building a significant collection takes time and dedication. Don’t get discouraged; enjoy the journey and the thrill of the hunt. Our latest collection on Live Auctioneers is the perfect place to start. Bid now, and stay tuned in at closing! 

For some major league inspiration, look no further than Mark D. Sikes Interiors’ Portfolio. It is filled with design inspiration for incorporating Rose Medallion, Majolica, and antique books into your home.

We are unabashedly in love with every interior and book created and published by the uber-talented Mark Sikes.

PSA: A new Boxed Set—EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL—is available for pre-order now at @markdsikes_interiors. Happy Mother’s Day, anyone!?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what type of home you have: traditional, modern, or transitional. If a specific collectible speaks to you, it is perfect, even if it is not in perfect condition!

Photo courtesy of Mark D. Sikes Interiors
Photo courtesy of Jessica Lev Antiques and Lauren De Loach Interiors

Are you hooked yet? If so, please do yourself a huge favor and take a peek at @jessicalevantiques’s gorgeous Instagram feed. She is an incredibly talented antique dealer who understands the transformational power of a well-curated collection.

She is a go-to source for some of our favorite designers. Her feed is a collector’s dream come true, with a series of stunning photos that are eye candy like none other! Now you understand what I am talking about, right?

We have some of these beautiful Wedgwood Creamware Open Weave Plates hosted on our partner site, LiveAuctioneers. It’s the perfect collection to get you started!

First up, Antique Rose Medallion: Antique Rose Medallion is a distinctive Chinese decorative ceramics style that was widely exported in the 19th century.

The pattern features stylized medallions with floral & bird motifs and other decorative elements like landscapes or figures. Here’s some key information for collectors: it was first produced in the late 18th century at the Ching-te-Chen potteries in Jiangxi province for the Chinese imperial court. Rose designs were heavily influenced by Western decorative styles and tastes.

The top makers were Ching-te-Chen imperial potteries and the Gao Family potteries. Look for quality of potting, painting detail, and clear hallmarks on valuable pieces. With its distinctive medallion rose motifs and opaque colors, Rose Medallion china has an enduring appeal for collectors of Chinese ceramics. Older pieces will have an orange enamel that looks closer to rust because the orange pigments fade over time. 

Photo courtesy of Jessica Lev Antiques and Chandos Dodson.

Next up is Majolica Pottery: Majolica Pottery hails from the Spanish island of Majorca and dates back as far as the 15th century. This beautifully glazed earthenware is rich in history and vivid color. The pieces most familiar to today’s collectors have their origin in 19th-century England. Pieces manufactured by Wedgwood, Minton, and George Jones are among the most coveted and rare. 

Photo Courtesy of Julia Amory via Veranda

We’re thrilled to have a few pieces from Wedgwood and George Jones in our possession and can personally confirm their brilliance.

Check them out on our current auction, Rose Medallion, Majolica & More, hosted on Live Auctioneers. If these pieces are not quite within budget, not to worry—there are many new pieces out there that won’t use up all of your lunch money. Great places to shop are thrift stores, estate sales, antique fairs, and Town & Sea!

As mentioned, inspiration on Instagram is a great place to start; we are currently fangirling over Julia Amory’s own collection of plates on display in her home in Palm Beach, shared on @juliaamory and @veranda. Her collection is a great roadmap on how to style Majolica pieces around your own home!

Finally, Antique and Vintage books are a tried-and-true way to add a layer of color, history, and gravitas to your home library, den, or office. While the trend of color stacking your books is very pretty, there is something about having a collection of beautifully bound leather books that brings a home to the next level.

We have a skillfully curated collection of books currently up for auction, illustrating the craftsmanship of bookbinding and publishing. Feel free to reach out to our own Betsy Perry, as she is honestly obsessed with every volume we have in the collection and would be delighted to talk about them!

So, have we convinced you yet? We really hope so! There is really no right or wrong way to start a collection; find something you love, something that makes your heart sing, and then find some more and some more and some more!

Happy collecting!

Photo Courtesy of Mark D. Sikes Interiors