This week, Anna and I were photographing The Summer “Drop,” our first “Drop” for Town & Sea, filled with unique pieces at fantastic buy-now pricing. When we got to photographing and measuring the adorable white iron beds included in the flash sale, they reminded me of my Mom’s dream summer house bedroom.  She had a gorgeous pair of antique quilts that were never used in any of the bedrooms in our family home and were not remotely suitable for the ski house. When asked what they were for, she said, in complete seriousness, “I’m saving them for when we have a house on the beach; I will use them on a pair of white iron beds; they will be perfect!” I imagine that dream bedroom looking a lot like the beautiful bedroom featured above by M. Steffens Interiors. I still have these gorgeous quilts; no beach house yet, but I am keeping the dream alive for Joan 🙂

Although… if I did have my beach house, this Drop would be perfect for it! Along with the two fantastic white iron beds and my beloved antique quilts, I would use the octagonal table between them, placing the reeded metal lamp on top (with a coordinating shade from Fermoie). The grey and white check Roman shade would be perfect on the window, looking out over the ocean.

Yes, of course, an ocean view. It is still currently a dream beach house, after all, so I am going for it!

The adorable red check chair or the beautiful pair of antique bergeres below are prime for a reupholstery project, possibly with a Lisa Fine or Sister Parish fabric. They would be set perfectly in the corner of the oceanfront bedroom underneath the gorgeous set of four botanicals. One room—complete. What fun, all thanks to The Summer Drop!

The Town & Sea “Drop” is a brilliant solution to an issue we sometimes face here at Town & Sea, solved by our own Lacey Campinell! We often speak with clients who have pieces they wish to auction, but the collection is not large enough for a full-on estate auction. The Drop is a quick sale with a fast turnaround! Fall in love with a piece on Monday, and have it in your house before week’s end! We think you all will enjoy the thrill and the instant gratification of participating.

We will be evolving its format, as we are also evolving many other offerings at Town & Sea, and we promise to keep you posted, “The Drop” is something you will not want to miss.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Happy bidding!

P.S. Lot # 7 — 11 gorgeous coffee table books for the price of one -$200 — for heaven’s sake, Buy Now!